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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

S.T. Dupont Washington - United States Capital

With the successful of the S.T. Dupont - Tournair partnership, they worked togather again to create the second series of architectural writing instruments, which was inspired by famous monuments all over the world.

The United States Capitol - Washington is the one of the three architectual writing instruments.

Its construction started in September 18, 1793, when George Washington laid the cornerstone.
The Capitol building, is marked by its central dome and two wings, one for each chamber of Congress: the north wing is the Senate chamber and the south wing is the House of Representatives chamber
The dome is the most emblematic & well-known part of the Capitol. It is inspired by the Pantheon in Paris. Its dimensions are impressive : it rises to 289 feet (88 meters) & its diameter reaches 95 feet [29 meters].
The Invalides dome is in white 18 KT solid gold with rhodium finishes. It is about 5 grams.
The column engraving is inspired by the friezes that decorate the buildings in Paris at the end of the French 17th century.
S.T.Dupont brand is engraved on the top of the pen under the dome and on the base.
The writing instrument is made from bronze with a palladium finishes. Each pen and  base take shape is hands made. This fountain pen come with Olympio XL nib 18 carats solid gold nib with rhodium decoration.

The pen is set on the magnetic base.

It is limited to 30 pieces worldwide.

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