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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sailor Ink Autumn Limited Version, 2010

Many moons have pasted since Sailor Co. Japan released their Autumn Limited Edition ink. Finally, it landed here in Singapore.

For those orange and redish tone fan, you will not be disappointed.  Sailor included a orange and redish ink in the Autumn Limited Edition.

Orange and redish tone have always been our favor. The new ... hmmm... should I say new?

Like the previous season of Sailor Limited Edition ink, it has 4 different tone to meet different group of comsumer desire.

For those redish fan, this new Oku-Yama might be worth considering as the color is not loud even though it is 'red'.

I think the new blue color is not exciting as the previous season. The new has a darker tone as compare to the previous old Souten.
The grey is always a boring color in our view. Sailor has added a little blue tone to the grey to make the color look less boring.
Finally, there is our favor color, orange. Well, initial we were a bit disappointed with this color as we are expecting a brigther or louder orange. Guess orange is an orange. We cannot expect it be very different from the other brands.

All 4 colours are currently available locally.