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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fisher AG7 Space Pen Special Edition

Fisher launched it Fisher AG7 special edition to celebrate 40th Year Moon Landing. The move of the pen was engraved with Apollo 11 astronauts holding a America flag on the moon.
On the top of the pen, it is engraved with the word "40th Anniversay Special Edition" beside the pen release.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Namiki Golden Pheasant Fountain Pen

The Namiki Nippon Art artisan painted a pair of pheasant on the pen; one of the cap and one one pen barrel.

Both pheasant are flying toward each other, symbolizing attraction.

Do you know which is the male?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tokira airplane paper weight

Paper weight was once a must desk accessory on our office desk before the invention of air conditioning. It was use to hold down the papers so that it will not get blow away by the fan.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

ST Dupont Limited Edition HOPE: help the victims in Japan

The ST Dupont Limited Edition HOPE to help the victims in Japan is now available locally.

This limited edition HOPE is based on a Défi pen and a Ligne 8 lighter, both conceived in bright lacquer red, with blossoms a Sakura tree on both side of the pen.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Urushi Vermilion Fountain Pen

The Red has been my favor color. Therefore, it is not suprise to some of my friends that we write with a Namiki Urushi vermillion or red fountain pen. A friend of our, asked something back what other urushi in such color is available in the market nowadays.
Here are three pens side by side for your consideration.

From left to right: Namiki Yuakari Royale, Sailor King Of Pen (KOP), Namiki Emporer.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Graf Von Faber Castell Pen Of The Year 2011

Our first encounter with Pen Of The Year when in Year 2007. Graf Von Faber Castell released the petrified wood to craft the POY 2007 LE.

At that time, we were very attracted to the Garf Von Faber Castell idea of exotic materials, and two worries. First, the pen name "Pen Of The Year" bother us. Second, the material used.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rumours, Rumours Sailor Kohaku Fountain Pen

Sailor Co. Japan seems to be taking the cue from the watch industry, which the manufacturers are working on different and difficult materials.

Sailor Co. collaborated wit Kuji Kojaku Co. Ltd to create this special edition Kohaku fountain pen, made from the natural top quality amber from the Kuji area of Iwate Prefecture, Japan's largest source of quality amber.

The pen barrel and cap are crafted using special developed sintered and pressing technique applu brown/red colored amber.

Do take a some time to visit the nearest retailers to experience the deep, warm and unique feeling of this special amber fountain pen.

Nib selection : M, 21K Gold
Size : Ø17.6x155.7mm
This special Kohaku fountain pen is presented in a handmade wooden box (212x154x68mm) with ink bottle (black), ink convertor, cleaning cloth and instruction book.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

S.T. Dupont Opera Garnier, Paris

This is the third and last pen in the Collection d’Exception second series. The first two pens were Washington ( United States Capital), and Venus de Milo (Louvre Museum,Paris).

The S.T.Dupont Collection d’Exception was the creation of a successful partnership between S.T. Dupont and Philippe Tournaire. Philippe is a designer and jeweller for more than 38 years. His has boutique in Paris Place Vendôme, United States, China and Switzerland.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pen Box/Chest by Aesthetic Bay

This was the wooden pen box/chest that we were using before we upgrade to the 3 tiers pen box sold at Fook Hing Trading.

This is a solid wood pen box/chest was made by Aesthetic Bay for their customer. It is a much heavier as compare to leather chest sold at Fook Hing (FH) due the wooden material.

While this pen is a small box chest, it is not cheaper (slot per pen) as compare to the FH leather box. This Aesthetic Bay pen box might be be costly, but is worth every cents because the finishing is good, the wood grain is beautiful, the weight and the made give you the confidence that it will protect your precious pen.
This pen chest can hold 16 pens. Each layer holding 8 pens. The top layer can hold eight Namiki Emporer size pens, and the lower drawer can hold a Sailor King Of Pen or Namiki Yukari Royale pens.

The lower layer cannot be removed. It doesn't have a hander too. There is a tiny slot at both side of the drawer for you to hold and draw our the drawer, which give you a very simple yet eleagance design.

Like the Fook Hing pen chest, the disadvantage of this pen chest doesn't have a lock.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sailor 100th Anniversary - The Shima Kuwa Mulberry

Sailor Japan Co. is 100 year old this year, and to mark this special day, they have choosen a special material, Mulberry wood (Shima Kuwa) from Mikura-jima in the Izu group of Japanese Islands. The Shima Kuwa is also known as the Golden Kuwa because of its natural golden color.

The wood is a very special material as compare to other materials because of it grain. The Shima Kuwa  beautiful grain has been very much appreciated for many generations.

In the Edo era, Shima Kuwa was a special and very precious wood material, which could only be work on by the highest level of artisans, whom are called 'Kuwamono-si' out of great respect.