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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pilot 88th Anniversary Limited Edition

One of our favor anniversary maki-e pen is the Shishi-Komainu, Pilot 88th Anniversary maki-e pen.
A direct translation of Shishi mean lion, and Komainu mean guardian dogs.
The artisan painted the motif of “Komainu” (guardian dogs) on this beautiful annivarsary pen using shishiai-togidashu maki-e technique.

These pair of mythical creatures are believe to protect and warp off evil. They have deep rooted in the oriental culture.

The Silk Road is the start of trade. Many concepts entered China by way of Silk. The concepts of the mythical Lion Throne and Buddhism were two of the many.

These concepts subsequently entered Japan in the form of Karajishi (Chinese lion), a guarding beast that protects people from evil.
The artisan uses the taka makie to give the heavenly cloud an additional dimensions. He further decorated it using okibirame; a technique in which flat fakes of gold material are individually applied to wet lacquer.
Look at the lion perfect hair. The artisan needs complete focus and concentration in order to achive that level of details. Any tiny mistake is not acceptable as it will be immediately visible and an eye sore to the entire work.
The lion tails are also givien the same attention to details.
These mythical lions were always located in pairs; Lion-like “Shishi” on the left and the dog-like “Komainu” on the right.
The “Komainu”, supposedly a descendant of the unicorn, dates back a long way, and formerly they were depicted as powerful beasts with a long horn.

Artisan Hayanshi-san uses the same makie technique on Komaini. All details are given same level of attention as compare to Shishi.
At the bottom of the pen,  the artisan also uses taka maki-e technique to paint bamboo decoration.
Till date, we can still see these pair mythical creatures in some temple as well as some major buildings and shopping mall like Ngee Ann Building at Orchard road.
The nib is the word 88th Anniversary.

This Pilot Corporation's 88th Anniversary commemorative fountain pens is limited to 88 pieces worldwide.

Beside this “Shishi-Komainu” limited edition pen, the Kokkokai artisans also created “Nioh” limited edition.

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