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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Art of Paper Folding - Origami

There are many saying about the origin of origami. Some say origami originated in China around 2000 years ago, and later developed as an art in Japan almost comp temporarily to the arrival of paper from China.

Others say origami originated from Japan in Heian era (741 – 1191). as a pastime for women and children.
The art of paper folding without any cutting was only developed in Muromachi Period (1338 – 1573).

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Hari Raya Haji ... & Happy Thanks Giving ...

We wish all our muslim friends happy Hari Raya Haji.

We also wish all our American friends Happy Thanks Giving.

While our local pen craft magazine had sunset, it give rise to another pen magazine 'Pen Werke'. The first issue is below expectation. We hope the 2nd issue will be better, and as good as pen world and stylus magazine.

Check it out at the major local book stores.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

All I want for Christmas ...

Christmas is exactly one month away. We have picked a few items that you might want to consider for your Christmas year. Top of the list is the latest a Lamborghini. This Lamborghini you can proudly carry in your pocket. It the latest creation from great company Omas and Automobili Lamborghini.

The “AUTOMOBILI LAMBORGHINI by OMAS” Limited Edition distinctive is its triangular shape aluminium barrel and cap coared with black PVD treatment, which is revolutionary and stylistic element of Omas’ lines. A clear reference to Automobili Lamborghini’s specific design and logo in a triangular shield with bull finely engraved on the top of the cap.

The shapes and the contrast between the shiny and matt trims of the stylistic details, embody elegance and perfectly translate the sporty design of the Automobili Lamborghini cars.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rumours, Rumours ... Smoking Hot? Not!

The campaign Fresh Air for Woman (FAFW) is now in the 6th year since it was launch by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to takle the increasing trend of smoking among women in Singapore.

According to the Natioanl Surveillance Survey, the number of simokers aged between 18 and 29 has risen from 3 fold (3% to 9%) in 2007.

This year HPB launched the campain with a pseudo cosmetics range of products. Unlike the other cosmetics products, this special products only come in strange dull and falt grey hues. This decidedly unattractive shade comes from the core ingredient - cigarette ash.

The purpose of us putting up this page as a alert to millions of woman out there, because we feel nothing quite alarms to our youthful women than the degeneration of their beauty. The thousands of dollars women spend on skincare and beauty products, a pack of cigarettes could easily and almost surely reverse those benefits.

We are sure no women will want to test the dirty grey makeup on their skin, or would they want to apply over hundreds and thousands of chemicals on their face. The question - why are the women doing it to their body.

Take the first step, quit smoking, stay young and pretty. The FAFW website, www.freshair.sg provides useful information, inspirational stories and practical advice for women.

We hope you will be as pretty and elegrance as one of our favour, Ingrid Bergman. The Academy Award and Tony Award winning actress, best known for her role in “Casablanca”, was a Hollywood icon whose fame spanned the globe.

Mont Blanc launched an edition under her name; Ingrid Bergman Edition. This pen is inspired by the sleek and cosmopolitan elegrance of the '40s. The beautiful mother-of-pearl lacquer cap design mirrors the iconic column dress with its narrow shape, richly drapped fabrics and thinly pleated materials and finished off with red gold plated fittings. It is also decorated with Ingrid Bergman´s signature.

Each pen is adorned with a brilliant royal-purple amethyst (approx. 0.25 ct) in the clip. The fountain pen features a hand finished solid 18kt. gold nib with heart-shaped hearthole.

Mont Blanc also launched "La Diva" Limited Edition 3 for different group of fountain pen users.

Sadly, it is a cartridge fountain pen, no converter. :-(

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Pussy Cat On the Loose

Sailor seems to be hook on cat. After they crafred the beautiful Supreme Chinkin Cat & Kiku, they put another cat on the market this month (November, 2009). Using the Tenboni Chinkin techniques, the artisan craft the lively cat drawing on the King Of Pen (KOP). We are not sure which version of the KOP will be used for this chinkin pen. Our guess will be the ebnoite version.

The other thing that keep me curious is the presentation. The box that will come with the pen. We are wondering if it will come in a beautiful crafted Chinkin box just like the Supreme or the standard wooden box.

And the ink bottle, will it have a Chinkin cap, or just the standard cap.

???? more questions....

We only know this pen is released in a limited edition of 28 pieces worldwide with each pen individually number, and the price is half that of Supreme.

Sailor kept low profile on this pen, and keep us guessing on it details.

The thing I dislike about this pen is the clip. It is just in the way of the beauiful pen.

We will just have to wait for it to be available during Christmas.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift, you might want to consider this new Chinkin pen.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Traditional Symbol of China

The history of peony goes back to thousands of years. It is not surprising there are many mythodlogy surrounding the origin of the flower. Of the legend tells of a story of a physician, who received the peony on Mount Olympus from the mother of Apollo. Another legend describe the same physician as someone who was recused from fate of dying by a immortal by turning him into a flower; the peony.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rumours, Rumours ... Namiki New Nippon Art - Origami Series

Back in July, I was informed that Namiki retired all 4 pens of the Nippon Art Ukiyo-e series. The replacement of the retired Nippon Art series is called Origami.

We took the picture this evening in a rush and will retake the pictures of the pens when time allows. Here it is.

Model of the pens from left to right.

1. Kabuto
2. Crane
3. Rabbit
4. Goldfish
5. Pengiun

While this is not a limited edition, but it is a hot items. The local retailers are allocated very little pieces of each design. If you are keen, do visit Fook Hing Trading, Elephant & Coral and Aesthetic Bay early. These pens are also a good gift for Christmas.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Pen for Writing Maronthon

Nowadays, there are all kinds of marathon ... Standard Chartered 42km marathon, movie marathan which movie buff watch movie non-stop for 3 days, Ramen marathon which particular are to continously eat Ramen till they give up( the record is 700 bowls), then there is the famous vertical marathon where people will climb up the stairs of Singapore tallest hotel, Swisotel, Canon photo taking marathon, Adidas Sundown marathon which is further divided into 4 categories (UltraMarathon 84.39kim, Marathon 42.195, Woman Marathon 10km, and Team Marathon 4x10km), LionCity Marathon and the list go on and on ... but there is no writing marathon... I would imagine such a marathon will be something like the fountain pen users will use their favored fountain pen to writing beautifully and continuously for 10,000. The first person to complete will be winner, and i dream the prize to be the Dunhill/Namiki King Fisher Limited Edition.

My take for the best fountain pen to be used is such a writing marathon must be ultra light and durable.

We are "almost" in luck!

For those sport men and women pen lovers, Sailor released a pen just about right for you to join the marathon ... Introducing the one and only in the world "Cabonfine". It is make from a "Carbon fiber", and it is lightweight and extremely strong. A joint development between Sailor Co. Japan and Yonex Japan.

Yonex Co. Ltd is well known for using high technology "carbon fiber" for their badminton and tennis racquets, as well as golf clubs.

The result of this joint effort is a very special and quality fountain pen made using Yonex high technology "cabon fiber". A pen with durable pen cap, barrel and excellent nib.

Earlier we mentioned we are "almost" in luck, because Sailor has no plan to sell the pen outside Japan. We hope our local retailors will bring it here for our foutain pen users, just like they did it for the Sailor Professional Gear Slim Hello Kitty Special Edition.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


This is the 5th part to the 10 part blogs of the Sailor Creatures of the Deep fountain pens collection. Previously, we wrote about clown fish, Hammerhead Shark, Whales and Octopus.

While we was trying to write about about Pengium, we by chance found this article
"Help save a penguin on your next vacation" by travel editor Peter Greenberg on MSNbc.com.

Volunteer vacations can be fun and exciting as you get to meet people from different walk of life, a chance to get close and personal with the wildlife and do something useful for our mother earth and wildlife.

Decemeber vacation is around the corner, when you are planning for your next vacation, you might want to consider a volunteer vacation.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rumours, Rumours ... Marketplace News

Dear Friends and Readers,

We have updated our Marketplace with a Sailor Professional Gear.

Till date, we have 17 items posted for your consideration. For our friends and readers outside Singapore, if you are keen in any of item(s), or you have something that you would like to post it on the market place. Do write to us. We are sure to work out something that everybody will benefit.

Many thanks for visiting.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Namiki 2009 Limited Edition - Polar Bear

After looking at the Namiki 2009 Limited Edition on paper way back in September 2009, we have been wanting for the arrival of actual pen itself. In our option, Namiki has done something non-traditional, something colourful and contemporary. We believe they are trying to capture the market outside Asia.

After a long wait, the polar bear finally landed Singapore, and we managed to take a few pictures before the proud owner bring it home safely.

Here are a few pictures which we took. Engjoy!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

DO IT RIGHT! ... Yellow Ribbon

The Yellow Ribbon symbol has various meaninging. They are mostly associated with those waiting for the return of a loved ones or of miltary troops who are temporaily unable to come home.

In the '80, Philippines opposition leader used the symbol, and the most remember event was the 1986 People Power Revolution led by Nonoy and Cory Aquino. They led a series of non-violent and prayful mass street demostrations, which toppled the authoritian regime chair by a strongman Fredinard Marcos. Cory Aquino became the 11th President of the Philippines and the first woman to hold that office.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meow, Meow ... I am a (nicer) Cat

"不管 黑猫白猫,抓住耗子就是好猫! "邓小平

Cats are among the most common pets in the world. The man and cat relationship can be dated back to 8000 years ago.

During the Pharaohs day, cats freely roamed the land at will. Laws were created at that time to protect cats. In fact, it was considered a capital crime to kill or injure a cat, even if the cat died through an unfortunate accident.

An good example would be, if a house caught fire, people are first to recuse the cat before human. The rule stated something like this—cats first, humans second.

If a cat should die of natural causes the entire household went into elaborate mourning with chanting and pounding of chests as an outward sign of grief. The body of the cat had to be wrapped in linen and delivered to the priest who inspected the cat's body to be certain the cat had died a natural death.