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Friday, March 4, 2011

Conway Stewart Floral

A beauty passes by the other day while I was at Fook Hing Trading. It is not the usual beauty that we see at the big screen, or the usual maki-e pens and branded limited edition pens.

Borned 1955, Conway Stewart Floral is still a beauty till date. We managed to captured a few pictures within 10 minutes before the buyer came and "escorted" the beauty out of the shop.
The Conway Stewart Floral is a very small pen in today standard. The pen is about 122mm, and 153mm when cap is posted.
Based on the information from the book titled "World of Fountain Pen", it was believe that only 200 pieces were made.
Conway Stewart remake this pen in solid gold trim in 2007 that cost an arm (5 digits)
Many thanks to the shop owner Mr. Jimmy Wong for allowing me to take pictures of this beauty.


  1. This seems like an actual vintage piece. It's beautiful. Are they selling it? Don't tell me it cost 5 digits.

  2. Yes, it was the actual vintage piece in very good condition. It was sold.