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Thursday, December 10, 2015


Recently, Mont Blanc launched the Chinese zodiacs monkey limited edition pen. At least for me, this is not an interesting theme as I already has a few zodiacs theme pens. Namiki, Montegrappa and Cross are two of pen manufacturer who has launched two series of such theme pens in the past.

Caran d'Ache also launched such pens during the Year of the Dragon.

While it is not an interesting theme for me, it is for a lot of Mont Blanc fan. I am not sure if Mont Blanc will launched one pen a year, just like Caran d'Arche, or a one off ... test the market

The sales executive at the boutique has no comment when asked.

Saturday, October 24, 2015


On Oct 15 2015, it is a sad day for a lot of us.

Three (3) Namiki limited edition pens were stolen from Aesthetic Bay.

If someone offer you any of the following pen, please inform Aesthetic Bay  or report them to the police.

1. Namiki Limited Edition Emperor Setsugekka Fountain Pen #63/99
2. Namiki Limited Edition Emperor Polar Bear Fountain Pen #94/99
3. Namiki Limited Edition Yukari Royale Nyoutan Namazu (CatFish) #198/200

The box and certificates are with Aesthetic Bay.

Pilot Japan and Singapore were notified. These pens are number registered as stolen items in their archive.

A police report was made last week.

If you have any information on these pens, please contact Aesthetic Bay.

Picture above taken from Aesthetic Bay fb.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Namiki Kabuto Limited Edition 2015 - Kabuto

I am very  glad that Pilot/Namiki decided to launch their Limited Edition 2015 in Yakuri size. It mean "soft landing" on my pocket. At least for me, I view it as Pilot/Namiki understood that the collectors "pain" during this weak market and appreciate our support in the past and would like the collectors to continue with their maki-e pen collection.

The Namiki Limited Edition 2015 Kabuto landed yesterday. It is limited to 170 pieces worldwide. It is now available locally now. I have collected mine. Have you?

Here are a few pictures of this beautiful pen for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, June 8, 2015


This year, our little red dot is 50 years old. A year which we have a nation wide celebration. There are many products launches this year to commemorate Singapore 50th anniversary of independence in 2015.

For me, Staedtler Initium leather fountain pen is one that I decided to add to my pen chest.