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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sailor Kamakura Bori Plum Ume 鎌倉彫 梅文朱蒔塗

As mentioned in my previously Sailor Kamakura Bori - Hanabishi, this wood crafting technique is more than 700 years old. In the past, it is technique use to craft statues, objects or fixing in Buddhist temples.

The wood crafting technique was almost lost during the anti-Buddhism (Meiji period, 1868 - 1912). The new Meiji government promoted Shinto. An policy was sent out to abolish Buddhist statues.

However, two families (Gotoh and Mitsuhashi families) managed to survive those hard time. They have make conscious effort to maintain the tradition Kamakora Bori crafting technique.

While the technique has not change, the designs have changes with time to keep up with the complex requirements of customer.

As you can see from the Sailor Kamakura-Bori Limited Edition pens, the design is comtemporary.

The Sailor Kamakura Bori Limited Edition fountain pens is limited to 10 pieces worldwide for each design.

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