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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Arita Porcelain ... Gen Emon Ki Ouryoko Saika Fusuma Octopus 有田焼 染付章魚唐草濃

Arita is a small town located northern part of Kyushu island. This is the birth place of Japanese porcelain.

Beside the three Arita porcelain fountain pen in Koransha style. Sailor Co. also released three porcelain fountain pen made by Gen-Emon Kiln.

The design for these pens are more complex as compare to the Koransha style pens. The Octopus design is a very Japan oriented design. The Octopus design is the first group Gen Emon Kiln style. It is the basic blue only color.
Like all good piece of porcelain work, it is certified by the company with a company logo.
This pen is a joint project between the two company. The Sailor Co. logo is on top of the pen cap.
The Salior Artia come with signed a pen rest.

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