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Friday, March 25, 2011

Artia Gen-Emon Kilin Koimari Furoukasuma, Sakura and Castle 有田焼 古伊万里風楼閣桜図

This is the third and last pens of the Sailor-Arita Gen Emon Kilin Special Edition. This is the most colorful of the three. This is my favor among the three.

The Sakura and Castle is a very popular theme in the Japanese and Chinese culture. It is one the top 10 most selected theme to draw among the Eastern artist and craftsman.
All the color of the flowers are hand painted. The craftsman need a very steady hand, and lot of focus to create this beautify porcelain pen.
As you can see the pen, it doesn't use beyond 3 colors. This is what make it so special. The craftsman has cleverly played with the primary color to create this gorgeous porcelain pen.
The flower, leave, pavilion, and mountain are all painted to give us a harmony feel. Some of us might feel that it is too flowery, and complex. The simple design Ouryoko Saika Fusuma (Octopus) is lovely.
 All the Sailor-Arita has a manufacturer seal. See above. The Sailor Anchor logo is on the pen cap. The pen trim are 24k gold plated.
All the Sailor-Arita Special Edition are fitted with the Sailor 21K nib for writing precision. It not only look and feel unique, but also write perfectly just like the other Sailor pens.

It also come complete with a pen wrap made from special "Kaga Jakusan" fabric to protect Arita porcelain pen and pen rest.

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