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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Arita Porcelain ... Gen Emon Kiln Koimari Furoukasuma Arabesque 有田焼 黄緑彩兜唐草

The second style of the Gen-Emon is illustrated in this second porcelain pen, Arabesque. Like the previous Gen-Emon Kiln style, it uses only primary color.

From the pen, one can see the craftman demostrate the free and easy of early imari style.
While making the Arita porcelain might not be as complex when compare to the maki-e. A pair of steady hand is a must in order to draw the perfect line and cruve.

Below is a list of porcelain pen which we blogged previously.


  1. Beautiful!! I love these porcelain pens from Sailor.

  2. Me too. I hope to visit Arita and see the actual process of how the make these beautiful pens.