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Friday, April 1, 2011

Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted Ink Blotter Special Edition

When the digital computer was invented in 1937, it was supposely improve us life.

Today, we save a lot of time using computers - only to find that time is somethig we have less and less of.
A Blue Fluted blotter desinged over 200 years ago may have been the most appropriate now - a gentle reminder to us to enjoy time with family and friends, and the better side of life.

We may be able to meet and communicate on the Net, but the spirit of craftmanship and the gesture of taking time are values which will undoubtedly grow.
The Royal Copenhangen Blue Fluted ink blotter is a work of art which bears the painter's personal signatures on the base.
It is a pieces of art for all those who appreciate the finer thing in fine, and personal ties between people.

Dimension: 7 x 14 xm.

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