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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mont Blanc ... Procelain

Procelain somehow always make us relate to the properties of whiteness, strong and hardness, but yet indirectly give us the feel of the feminine, gentleness at it core.

Today and the next week, we would like to introduce pens that were crafted using procelain. Since this week we attented the Montblanc Patron of Art 2010 Limited Edition: Queen Elizabeth I preview, we will kick start the introduction with the Mont Blanc Annual Edition.

The Annual Edition 2005 was dedicated to the magic of the carnival in Venice, to ancient mythology and the mysterious nature of the world of fables.

The Annual 2005 edition came in a set of 3 pens. The 3rd pens was not shown due to R(A) rated pictures.
Mont Blanc to extend it Annual Edition. In the 2006 Edition, Mont Blanc dedicated it to the Venetian Carnival, Greek Mythology and the mysterious world of fables.
All the Annual Edition come in gold-plated barrel with guilloche style, the year of the edition on the cap and the 18-karat gold nib.
Other Annual Edition pens can design can be view on Mont Blanc site.

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