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Friday, November 4, 2011

Namiki Zodiac Dragon Series 2

Zodiac has been a popular theme for manufacturer. This is the second series of the Namiki Zodiac range. As old artisan retired or requested to paint more complex theme, a new group of artisan was recuited to take on the less complex theme.

Most of the Namiki Zodiac maki-e pens were painted by new artisan with only a few by the older artisan. This Namiki Zodiac Dragon is one of the few. It is painted by Masaru Hayashi-san.

The Namiki Zodiac art work has always been less serious. We guess it is make it to pens more attractive to the younger generation, but as compare to the Namiki Zodiac first series, one can immediately notice the big different. It is less comical.
Unlike the western dragon, the oriental dragon has no wing and has horn.
This is the top seller among the Namiki Zodiac maki-e pens.

We are two and half months away from Lunar New Year, and counting down.

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