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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cross - 2012 Year of The Dragon

The launch of the Cross Year Of The Dragon (2012) pens reminded me of the launch of sales of the Chinese Mooncake in Singapore.

The sales of Mooncake started before the end of the lunar seventh month. Some suppliers even start selling it as early as week 2 of lunar seventh month. All this in the hope to capture more market share.

We are four months away before it come to an end for the Year 2011, the Cross Year of The Dragon is already available locally at all authorized retailers. Cross is not the first to launch a Dragon pen this year.

The pens comes in two favors, the red and black lacquer finishing, and comes in three types of pen, naming the ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen. The box is made from hard board, and a pen stand to display the pen.
While the design idea or concept is good, however, we don't see effort been put into the execution of the idea. Let have a closer look at the pen.
The engraving technique used are very simple as compare to those used by Montegrappa. The only difficulty might be complex to perform engraving on a crurve surface as compare to a flat one.
The design of the dragon is also very basic and single.
It doesn't look complex enough to be called a limited edition.
The pen cap is our favor of this pen. It is engraved with the Dragon Chinese character.
It comes with a 18k gold nib. The pen section and triming are gold plated.
The Cross Year of the Dragon pen is inexpensive as compare to those of Montegrappa. Therefore, one cannot expect complex engraving technique and complex design.

At the end of the day, it is individual choice if they would like to add this pen to their pen collection.

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