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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sailor Kuji Kohaku Amber 琥珀万年筆

Sailor Company has been following the watch industry very closely. Like the watch manufacturers, who has been launching watches with rare or specially engineered materials, Sailor Company Japan has been doing similiar to the pens.

In the past, they launched Susutake, cedar woods, mulberry wood, brier wood and others. They also work with other Japan companies like Yonex for the carbon fiber fountain pen.

Amber the only ancient miracle jewel can be consider "vegetable" as it is fossilized purely from resin of forest plant over million of years buried in the ground.

In Japan, Kuji, Iwate Prefecture, The country boasts large reserves in the locality is unmatched local Kuji, Iwate Prefecture.

Sailor Japan together with Kuji Amber Ltd launched this special edition Kuji Kohaku fountain pen. We understoodd from Sailor International distributor that this is a limited production fountain pens, about 1000 pieces, but Sailor Japan has yet to comment or confirm the information.
This special edition fountain is crowned with this ancient jewel that glow with warm light on the pen cap.
The pen itself is created using the redish brown special formulated Amber that was used in luxury products.
Like all Sailor fountain pen, this special edition comes complete with a 21K gold nib, but it was produced only M nib.
Model name: Amber Kuji Kohaku
Number: 10-1005-488
Materials: Special Pressed amber cap/body and Original Amber in cap end
Special features: 21K solid Gold Nib.
Filling system: Converter & Cartridge type
Nib : 21K Gold, M only

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