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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pelikan Gekko (Moonlight) Limited Edition 2011

Hollywood has been remaking the oldies classic. The latest movie is the remake of the 1984 classic Footloose.

Like Hollywood, Pelikan has also been relaunching their classic in a different form. This Pelikan Gekko (Moonlight) was a "remake" of the 2005 "Sunlight (Kyokko) & Moonlight (Gekko)" limited edition. The idea behind the 2005 Moonlight (Gekko) and 2011 Moonlight (Gekko) is capture the beauty of light; the sun and moon light.

Using the transient color produce by the abalone shell, the artisan using the thousand year old maki-e technique to "recreate" the beautiful ray of the moonlight (Gekko).

The maki-e technique is the same for both editions. The mother-of-pearl of the great green turban or the abalone is ground with a grind stone to a fire thickness and then embeeded or glued on lacquer-coated surfaces. Only natural Australian abalone shell is used for this beautiful pen and hence, therefore, no two pens will be the same.  When ray of moonlight shines on it, the pen glitter beautifully in the dark.

Pelikan Moonlight (Gekko) Limited Edition 2011 is based on M1000, unlike the 2005 Moonlight Limited edition, which was made based on the M800.

This new Pelikan Moonlight (Gekko) limted edition pen is launch in limited quantity of 200 individual numbered pieces worldwide. It is available now locally.

What about the Pelikan Sunlight (Kyokko) limited edition?

The Pelikan Sunlight (Kyokko) limited edition will be available in March 2012. We don't understand why it was released as two special timely. Our guess that Pelikan understood that time is bad and it will be easy for both Pelikan and consumer pocket if it is launch at two different time.

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