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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Montegrappa ICONS Dragon 2010 Bruce Lee Limited Edition

November 27 2010 was Bruce Lee 70th birthday. Montegrappa remake the 1995 Dragon Limited Edition in red celluloid with different clip and cap top to honours Bruce Lee, an American born chinese who remains globally popular 37 years after his death.

Bruce Lee was not a only a Kung Fu Master and actor. He also promote Chinese culture indirectly.
Lee almost single-handedly sparked a surge of interest in Chinese martial arts in the West in the 1970s.

There was a event last month (January) to pay tribute to this martial art ICON of the East at the Marina Bay Sandsm Singapore. It is the offical local launch of the Monetegrappa Second pen in ICON series.

This pen is a remake of the 1995 Montegrappa Dragon Limited Edition wth a different.

What are the differences?

Beside the obvioua different in colour, there are a few other differences. Mostly on the dragon tail.
The pen clip is model like a dragon tail. 
The type of dragon tails has change from a Western dragon to that of a Chinese dragon. Hence, there are more details given to the tails.
The shape of the dragon is the same. The semi-gem stone used follow the color of the barrel.  On the sterling silver version, it is red rubies.

All the dragons on pens are engraved using high relief.

The pen cap top is engraved with Yin-Yang symbol, which represent balance. There is no engraving in the 1995 Dragon Limited Edition.

The Final different is the nib decoration. It is decorated with Bruce Lee famous move, high kick with foot and fist extended.

Click on picture to enlarge.
Montegrappa will produce a total of 2010 pieces, consisting of the following:
888 sterling silver fountain pens
888 sterling silver roller balls
88 solid yellow gold fountain pens
88 solid yellow gold roller balls
8 fountain pens in solid yellow gold with black diamonds
8 roller balls in solid yellow gold with black diamonds
8 fountain pens in solid yellow gold with rubies
8 roller balls in solid yellow gold with rubies
8 fountain pens in solid yellow gold with emeralds
8 roller balls in solid yellow gold with emeralds
10 setsconsisting of fountain pen, roller ball and inkwell in solid gold, with white diamonds
It is now available locally in Singapore.

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