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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stipula Etruria Ambrosia

Over the weekend, we take a few pictures of our new found love Stipula Eturia Ambrosia.

This beautiful pen is crafted from translucent celluloid mixed with brilliant redish-orange nuances for distinction in expression.

The sterling silver pen clip is decorated with leaflet.
The cap's ring is decorated with the three-lobed leaves, casted using the lost wax casting method, also known by the French name cire perdue.

This is a casting process by which a metal sculpture, in this case the sterling silver cap's ring, is cast from the artist's scuplpture.
According to Stipula, this fountain pen is fixed with their innovative self cleaning system (SCS) piston. It was suppose to guarantees a perfect cleaning of the reservoir every time that the mechanism is used.
This self cleaning was achived by the spinning of the head of the piston together with the spinning of the knob. The user must turn counterclockwise to fill the pen with ink using knob and must turn clockwise to empty it.
As we are new to this pen, we are not able to feedback if the self cleaning system really works. If you are using it, we welcome your feedback, be it postive or negative.
The Stipula Eturia Ambrosia fountain pen we have is fitted with the 18K duo tone M nib. It also comes in other nib sizes. 

Stipula pen for sales at our marketplace.

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