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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Parker Duofold Dragon Maki-e Limited Edition

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Happy New Year 2011!

Parker timing is perfect; releasing a makie dragon limited edition fountain. Let start the year with this maki-e Eastern (Chinese) Dragon. In the east, Chinese Dragon symbolizes strength and power. It ward off evil spirits, protect the innocent and bestow safety to all that hold his emblem.

The Chinese dragon has four claws as standard, but the Imperial dragon has five, this is to identify it above the lesser classes. In ancient China, anyone but the emperor wore the five-claw motif dragon, they would be beheaded with little whatsoever.

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We noticed that artisan painted the dragon with 4 claws. We know that artisan know that the artisan has the basic knowledge of the Eastern (Chinese) Dragon.
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The other noticable different is the eastern (Chinese) dragon also has horns.
The Eastern (Chinese) dragon is the opposite of the Western Dragons. The Chinese Dragon are associate with postive energies like friendly, beautiful, wise, and powerful, unlike the Western Dragon which are negative force.
The artisan uses the complex taka maki-e technique painted the most beautiful maki-e decending dragon from the sky with blue cloud on fountain pen. This maki-e dragon is painted on the popular Parker Duofold Centennial size fountain pen and is limited to 188 worldwide.
The golden dragon are very beautifully painted, but the background is not well illurstated. If you compaer his Master artisan Shigeru Sawada past works, you will notice this is the artisan style. The focus on the main subject itself.

In my option, this is the most beautiful work of Master artisan Shigeru Sawada since I saw his first maki-e work, Parker Duofold Panda Maki-e Limited Edition.

This is a must have for must have for maki-e lovers.

<加賀蒔絵師 一翔>本名澤田繁。1958年生まれ。中山勇盛や大下博之など有名な師匠につき、技術を磨く。1987年、茶道具の蒔絵師として独立。

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