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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Montegrappa Luxor Red Sea Limited Edition

Rain, Rain go away. Come again in another day ...

It has been raining almost everyday here in Singapore. Flood has been the hot topic here in Singapore. In Thailand, it has killed many people and their government is racing against time for idea to fix the flood problem.

The news reported that Bangkok Thailand will be underwater by 2050 if the government don't take necessary active steps to protect the city.

All the rain and flood just reminder me on the Montegrappa Luxor Red Sea Limited Edition.

One may wonder why not the Montegrappa Luxor Nile. Maybe because the flood killed many in Thailand, and red is the color of blood. And the Montegrappa Luxor red Sea just freshes across my mind.

This Montegrappa Luxor Red Sea Limited Edition was a pre-Richemont era product. It was launched in 1997, the year British returned Hong Kong to China.
This Montegrappa Luxor Red Sea Limited was initially offer only to collector or buyer that purchased the Montegrappa Luxor Nile but thing didn't turn out as planned. It was later offer to "general public".

My option that it did not sell as planned because the only different is the color; red celluloid was used instead of blue.
Unless you are big fan of Montegrappa or Egyptian theme, I do not see why I would spend a fortune on "duplicate".
Every details of this Luxor Red Sea limited edition is the same as the Luxor Nile. Montegrappa has one of the best craftman to work on high-relieve engraving. Unlike other Italian brands, Montegrappa did not just engrave, like the snake or the pharoh, it bring the objective to live.
On the cap top, there is a cobra clip. On the pen barrel is the pharoh and the queen.
This Montegrappa Luxor Red Limited Edition in red celluloid with vermeil filigree is limited to 688 pieces worldwide.

There is a solid gold edition, which is limited to 38 pieces worldwide.

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