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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Urushi Vermilion Fountain Pen

The Red has been my favor color. Therefore, it is not suprise to some of my friends that we write with a Namiki Urushi vermillion or red fountain pen. A friend of our, asked something back what other urushi in such color is available in the market nowadays.
Here are three pens side by side for your consideration.

From left to right: Namiki Yuakari Royale, Sailor King Of Pen (KOP), Namiki Emporer.

The Namiki Yukari Royale and Sailor KOP have almost the same length. Beside the different in shape, the clip style and color is also difficult.
On the Sailor KOP pen cap, there is a line at where the clip is fixed. This is similar to all the Sailor pen. It is how Sailor fix it clip.

On the Namiki,there are no line at all, and clip is very beautifully fixed on the cap.

One look at the clip, you know it is a Namiki, unlike Sailor. The clip is very no character of it own. Sailor KOP clip comes in both silver and gold platen.
Both the Namiki Yukari Royale and Emporer comes in 18K gold nib, and the Sailor comes complete with their popular 21k gold nib.
The picture shown here is Sailor in silver clip, therefore, the nib is silver in color. If you choose Sailor KOP in gold clip, the nib will comes in gold color to match the clip.
We really like the feed of the Namiki very much. It is in red color. From here, we can see that Namiki make effort to ensure that the pen is really "red".

There is another pen in our collection which we didn't post it because urushi "cracked" near the nib. It is a Dani Trio. We will post the pictures of the pen in future.

Both Namiki and Sailor vermillion fountain pens are available locally.


  1. I love your trio of pens, Arthur! I have almost the same pens as you, except that my Sailor KOP Crimson Urushi comes with a gold clip and nib, and I have the Yukari Royale in Black urushi rather than Vermilion urushi.


  2. Guess we have the same taste in term of pens. The only black urushi pen I have is the Namiki Emporer. The one with the two golden trim on the cap.

  3. Beautiful pens. Where do you buy them?

  4. Locally in Singapore, you can buy from the authorized Namiki and Sailor retailers list here http://houseofpens.blogspot.sg/2009/11/singapore-pen-tour-2009.html?showComment=1407689026421#c8342176468483467517