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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fisher AG7 Space Pen Special Edition

Fisher launched it Fisher AG7 special edition to celebrate 40th Year Moon Landing. The move of the pen was engraved with Apollo 11 astronauts holding a America flag on the moon.
On the top of the pen, it is engraved with the word "40th Anniversay Special Edition" beside the pen release.

One the last threeline, it is engraved with "Apollo 11", "Men's First Moon Landing" and "July 20, 1969"
On the top of the pen body, it is engraved with the men landing on moon image.
The astronauts.
And on the good pen clip, it is the engraved with the model number.
The refill of the fisher pen is pressurized. Hence, it can write in odd pressure, even upside down and even under water. It is made of solid brass with an chrome plating, giving it solid body.

It is a very good pen for any occassion, and in any emergency.

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