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Monday, June 27, 2011

Namiki Golden Pheasant Fountain Pen

The Namiki Nippon Art artisan painted a pair of pheasant on the pen; one of the cap and one one pen barrel.

Both pheasant are flying toward each other, symbolizing attraction.

Do you know which is the male?

Nature makes a males pheasant to be very attractive to their female counterparts. It is so attractive that the males pheasant often have a harem of three hens at once.

I was once told that this is a symbolic of creativity, sexuality, influence and magic. Why?
Because females hold the gift of life (reproduction, creation of offspring). And the number three is a magical number that deals with the union of two to bring about the creation of another.
The Namiki Golden Pheasant fountain pen comes in 14K gold nib, and it is not signed by the artisan.

It is available locally at all Namiki retailers and at our marketplace.

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