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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pen Box/Chest by Aesthetic Bay

This was the wooden pen box/chest that we were using before we upgrade to the 3 tiers pen box sold at Fook Hing Trading.

This is a solid wood pen box/chest was made by Aesthetic Bay for their customer. It is a much heavier as compare to leather chest sold at Fook Hing (FH) due the wooden material.

While this pen is a small box chest, it is not cheaper (slot per pen) as compare to the FH leather box. This Aesthetic Bay pen box might be be costly, but is worth every cents because the finishing is good, the wood grain is beautiful, the weight and the made give you the confidence that it will protect your precious pen.
This pen chest can hold 16 pens. Each layer holding 8 pens. The top layer can hold eight Namiki Emporer size pens, and the lower drawer can hold a Sailor King Of Pen or Namiki Yukari Royale pens.

The lower layer cannot be removed. It doesn't have a hander too. There is a tiny slot at both side of the drawer for you to hold and draw our the drawer, which give you a very simple yet eleagance design.

Like the Fook Hing pen chest, the disadvantage of this pen chest doesn't have a lock.

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