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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

S.T. Dupont Opera Garnier, Paris

This is the third and last pen in the Collection d’Exception second series. The first two pens were Washington ( United States Capital), and Venus de Milo (Louvre Museum,Paris).

The S.T.Dupont Collection d’Exception was the creation of a successful partnership between S.T. Dupont and Philippe Tournaire. Philippe is a designer and jeweller for more than 38 years. His has boutique in Paris Place Vendôme, United States, China and Switzerland.

While the basic structure look of the Paris Opera Hoouse is the there, what make it so beautiful in  my option are those beautiful sculptures.

On the root top, there are two golden sculptures and others which make it unique. I took the pictures when I was travelling in Paris.
Those scuptures are missing from the S.T. Dupont Opera Garnier fountain pen limited edition.
The sculptures in each round window is missing too. Actually, the entire round windows are not there.
Here is angled front view of the Opera Garnier sculptures fountain pen.
Do you know which part of the building the following sculpture picture located?
Hints: Look at the sharp of the outline.
The side view of the Opera Garnier sculpture fountain pen.
Below show a picture of the actual dome root top at the side of the Opera House.
At the back of the Opera Garnier sculpture fountain pen is not as grand as the front of the building. It is very different from the actual.
An angled view of the Opera Garnier sculpture fountain pen.
I think Philippe has choosen a difficult building to created as compare to the other two in this series. This Opera Garnier sculpture fountain pen doesn't bring up the true characters of the building.

This is just my view.

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