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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Graf Von Faber Castell Pen Of The Year 2011

Our first encounter with Pen Of The Year when in Year 2007. Graf Von Faber Castell released the petrified wood to craft the POY 2007 LE.

At that time, we were very attracted to the Garf Von Faber Castell idea of exotic materials, and two worries. First, the pen name "Pen Of The Year" bother us. Second, the material used.


In my option, I would like my any collection theme to have a end so that I can start on another theme. With theme like Pen Of Year, it suggested it is never going to end.

Our worry ended with the Pen Of the Year 2011. Graf Von Faber Castell has decided that 2011 marked the end of the Pen Of Year theme in celebration with their 250th anniversary. Garf Von Faber Castell was found in the year 1761. Faber Castell uses their founding year as the limited production number for the Pen Of the Year 2011.
The craftman need extraordinary skill to work on material such as jade, as it is a remarkably hard with a good resistance. An correct amount effort or force need to be applied to the material constantly, any small amount will cause the material break. Hence, the craftman need a steady hand thoughout the process of crafting the jade to bring out the astonishing qualities of this gemstone.
In the Chinese Society, no other stone was or is valued so highly. The Chinese defined jade as “beauty in stone with five virtues”. They are the human understanding, modesty, wisdom, justice, and courage. The virtues that should still determine the way we treat people.
We are delighted that Faber-Castell has choosen this fascinating green gemstone for a special role in thier history making.

The Pen of The Year 2011 has eight segments of jade symbolize the eight generations that have made their mark on the family firm to date with reference to founding year.

There are many type of jades. Faber Castell choose the Russian Jade for the final installment for their Pen of The Year.

We are not sure why the Russian Jade was choosen as compare to other well-known value. We suggested it is due to the (1) price (2) materials that are familiar for the craftman at the Stephan gemstone laboratory.
There is no change in the pen cap. It is platinum-plated. An elaborate faceting of the stones on the barrel and cap is the crowning glory of the Pen of the Year 2011.

A platinum-plated frame encases the individual pieces of jade, making the pen a special piece of jewellery. On the barrel, only one of the piece of the jade is decorated.
The Pen of The Year 2011 was crafted by the master craftsman of the Stephan gemstone laboratory. He is backed up by the long tradition of the Idar Oberstein workshops, that were set up in the 15th century.

There is also no changes to the 18-carat bicolor gold nib. It is decorated with the Faber-Castel Crest.
Technical Details
Barrel -Jade
Cap – Platinum-plated with solid spring-loaded clip,rew thread
End Piece - Platinum-plated
Nib -18-carat bicolour gold;
Filling mechanism – Plunger
Weight – 80 grams approx.
Overall length -137 mm
Numbering -Each pen bears an individual sequence number on the little metal plate under the end cap.
Production – 1761 pieces (limited edition)

There an article on Count Anton Wolfgang von Faber-Castell on MoneyWeek.

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