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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pen Case/Chest By Fook Hing

Our pen collection has grow recently that we have reach a stage where I have to find a pen case that hold all the pen in one place and keep the original box in the store room, or "basement".

We purchased this Fook Hing Trading house brand pen case that can hold 30 pens.

It has two drawers, each has the capacity to hold 10 pens. The top layer has a glass panel over top, as show in the picture above.

The top layer is able to hold the Namiki Emporer fountain pen, or the Sailor Susutake. Both type of pens fixed nicely in each slot.

The upper draw is able to hold that has the length of the Namiki Emporer too, but because of the big pen clip of the Namiki Emporer fountain pen, you cannot lay the pen straight up. The drawer will not close. Others pen like Sailor Susutake is fine.
The lower drawer has a removable plen slot. Therefore, the slot pen is shorter as compare to the upper drawer.

The only thing that I don't like about this pen is case is the slot width. We feel it is too wide for al the small pen. This is also the the case advantage as you don't have to buy another for the bigger pen.

It come only in black leather.

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