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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sailor 1911 Profit 30th Anniversary Limited Edition

Some beauty last for ever, and some are not. The same goes for design. The Sailor Profit fountain pen is one such beauty.

This year (2011) mark the 30th Anniversary since it was introduced to the world back in 1981. The briar wood is selected as the material of choice for this special edition pen. The wood is bright and shiny. It is very hard too and has very high heat resistance and durability.

All these characteristics are similar to those Sailor 1911 Profit pen characterisctics when Sailor company manufacture the pen for the last thirty years.

Briar (root) wood is taken from the root of the white heath tree grown in the Mediterranean coastal regions of Europe. It is called the jewel of wood because of the beauty of the unique spiral grain.

It is the most popular type wood for used for making smoking pipes and knife handles.
Every piece of pen is unique, and not two pen will look alike due to the natural material use.
This beautiful briar (root) wood is limited to worldwide. It is individually numbered.
The 21k gold nib with rhodium plated is decoate with the number "30th".
This Sailor 1911 Profit 30th Anniversary Limited Edition also comes with a standard Sailor black ink bottle with a aniversary label.
It is now available locally.


  1. i can easily get 3 Nakaya briarwood urushi pens for one of these! The pricing is too outrageous.

  2. If I am not wrong, the Nakaya briarwood is a smaller pen. It doesn't come with 21K nib, and rhodium plated for the metal parts. I am not sure about urushi and price.

    Guess the Sailor is for a different group of users.