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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

S.T Dupont Magic Wishes

This S.T. Dupont Magic Wishes limited edition is the prelude to the  "One Thousand and One Night"  Limited Edition which will be released later part of the year.

Addadin and his Magic Lamp is one of the most successfull Disney animation ever make. It is love by people of different ages.

Aladdin and his Magic Lamp tells the story of a young man who was persuaded by sorcerer from the Maghreb to retrieve a magical oil lamp from a booby-trapped magic cave who grant three wishes of the lamp’s owner.
On the pen is a motif depicting a curl of smoke represents the appearance of the genie. The smoke starts from the bottom of the pen and rise up to top of the pen cap.
The curl line was expertly crafted on black lacquer and silver powder was spike within the path of the "smoke" to give the smoke it dimension.
ST Dupont pays homage to the beauty and mystery of this classic fairy tales with this limited edition - "Magic Wishes". Just like the magical oil lamp, we hope all the wishes of our reader will come true in the Year 2011.
Finally, the craftsman finished it off with a rich palladium finishing. S.T. Dupont is one brand that doesn't decorate it nib. It uses the same type of nib as the non-limited edition.
This limited edition consists of a Ligne 2 lighter and three Olympio Large pens: fountain, rollerball and ball point. These items are numbered 888, a lucky number in Asia.

It is available at the all authorized retailers, including major department stores.

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