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Monday, April 4, 2011

Pelikan Natural Phenomena Eternal Ice

Pelikan continue to remind us on the beauty of natural and their unforettable moments and foreces of the nature.

This year (2011), they bring us the beauty of Ice - A rock that made from H2O. They called it Eternal Ice.

 We like the name as it defined the live of a water - eternal. Water will not go away. We can heat it. It become stream, and rise up to the air. It condenses, and come down as rain.
 The ice-blue colored resin barrel is crafted to look like a cracked ice. A close up picture is available at our marketplace.

It is lacquered with high gloss finished metal shaft.
Similar to it previously released of the Natural Phenomena series, the nib is not specially decorated. It uses the M600 standard 18k nib.
The Pelikan logo is screen printed on the pen cap.
The Pelikan Eternal Ice comes in Fountain Pen, Rollerball and ballpoint.

The Pelikan Special Edition Eternal ice is available for sales at our MarketPlace.

Facts and figures
Type of pen Size/Length, Weight
Fountain pen 13.6cm, 33g
Roller Ball 13.6cm, 33g
Ball pen 12.5cm, 32g

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