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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pelikan Four Leave Clover Maki-e Fountain Pen

May 1, the world come togather to celebrate Labor Day. Six days later from today, it will be Singapore 2011 General Election (May 7).

With the Pelikan Four Leaf Clover maki-e limited edition fountain pen, we wish all candidates best of luck in their campaign, and brighter future for my beloved country Singapore.

The four leaf clover is one of the most famous good luck charms. Each individual leaf clover has a specific meaning: fame, wealth, faithful love, and glorious health and are believed to bring good luck.

It was also believe there are four guardian spirits of the direction (north, south, east and west).
Five leaf clover is the rarest. It is believe that the individual parts which are thought to bring love, wealth,health, luck and sucess as well as prosperity and fortune.
The artisan useshis skillful hand painted the clover uses the Kaga Togidahi maki-e technique.
There are many three leaf clovers on the entire pen, but only one five leaf clover and six four leaf clovers.

He uses mother-of-pearl and cut gold work amongst other techniques to create this leaf clover good luck charm.

Like all the previous Pelikan Maki-e Limited Edition, the nib of this pen is also not decorate.

This pen is individually numbered with 88 pieces available worldwide.

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