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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Graf Von Faber Castell Pen Of The Year 2010

The Garf Von Faber Castell “Pen of the Year 2010″ is a high-end writing instrument inspired by the hunting rifles. The first thing that we notice is the beautiful metal inlay on the pen barrel and the color of the precious and beautiful Caucasian walnut wood.

The metal inlay is made from pure gold. The engraver cuts a groove with a dovetail cross-section on the barrel before the hardening process, and set the 24-carat gold inlay work just before the final stage, polishing.
On the opposite site of the pure gold inlay, is the "herringbone" pattern wood carving.  The herringbone design is one of the popular and difficult technique used on work engraving.
The Graf Von Faber Castell shared their passions for woods and traditional (wood hardening technique) with the launched of the Pen of the Year 2010. Like all it previous Pen Of the Year, the 2010 contains a mix of precious materials and processes, which gave this high-end writing instrument each unique character; No two pens will be the same.
The pen comes complete with an 18-karat two-tone nib with hand engraved Graf von Faber-Castell. The pen cap is platinum-plated end cap embedded with burnished metal to protect the knob of plunger mechanism.

This beautiful Pen Of the Year 2010 is currently available, and the Graf Von Faber Castell Pen of Year 2011 is coming our way.

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