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Monday, April 18, 2011

Pilot Vanishing Point Matt Black

After Parker All Black, here is Pilot, first Japanese brands that offer an "All Black" for it world most popular pen - capless or vanishing point. It is not in glossy finishing, not matt.

The clip and button are all black.
Due to it matt finishing, and no special treatment, it is easily stain with finger print.
Unlike Parker All Black, we would say that the Pilot Matt Black as a 99% all black.
When you push out the nib, the pen transformation itself to imperfect All black pen. This would be a perfect stealth pen if not for the nib.

Rumour has it that that the "kansi" Pilot Singapore only import very limited stock, and there is not plan for second shippment.

It is currently available in Singapore.


  1. Wow, that is a beauty! I may need to get one!

  2. If the nib can be blacken, it will be a perfect stealth pen.

  3. Any idea where i can get this pen today?

    1. You can get it at most of the Singapore authorized retailers. I know Aesthetic Bay Pte Ltd and Fook Hing Trading have the stock.