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Friday, April 22, 2011

Sailor Sakura Special Edition

This Sailor Sakura is a not for sales item that was given to Japanese "Prisoners of War" in Soviet Union during the WWII.

This group Japanese did not consider themselves as "Prisoners of War" because they voluntarily laid down their arms after the official capitulation of Japan; after the end of the military conflict. They refer themselves as "internees".

Initially, we mistakenly thought this was new flat top Sailor Milky way. See picture below.
Sailor Milly Way, 金彩蒔絵 花星座
While the both pens using the same basic design and technique of using the gold or silver dust to create the milky way, the main different is the in between design pattern.
In the Sakura Milky way special edition, raden was used to create cherry blossoms. The entire pens is decorated with cheery blossoms only.
  At the cap top, is not Sailor logo.
The only way that we can identify this pen is a Sailor pen is through it nib. It comes with the Sailor 21k gold nib.
The other thing that tell us it is a Sailor is the shape of the ink bottle that come in a special logo on the cap.

Happy Good Friday!

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