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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Parker Premium All Black Special Edition

The Parker Premium Black Edition send a strong message to the pen industry that it is determine to leap forward as a leader to transform pens as a trendy accessories, very much like Swatch in Swiss watches industry when the quartz almost kill it.

The all black concept is not new. The watch industry had been using the 'all black' concept for almost 2 years now. Parker borrow the concept to leap forward with a new revolution of pen manufacturing

Sinn wrist watch with Parker pen All Black Edition
Parker Premier Black Edition is a mix of high technology and it traditional handcrafted techniques. The entire pen is black, including the trim and nib. Just like all black of Sinn or Hulbot, it offers extreme durablity, tactile pleasure and an ulta modern look.

The Parker Black SpecialEdition is created with a combination of two precious metals from the platinum family. Both the cap and barrel are coated in nickel palladium to resist wear, corrosion and scratches.
Parker covered all details. The matte black trim and front section are crafted in ruthenium, one of the most durable and scratch-resistant metals as well.

Parker coated the ruthenium parts in a black ceramic similar to those uses in wrist watches, to give it a ulta modern, high tech and sporty feel

This handmade by Parker in France is a limited production comes completed with a 18K gold nib with ruthenium plated. The balance, stength, flexibity and flow are good. It make a perfect company for any in door and out door writing.

It is available locally in founatin pens, rollerball and twist ball pen.

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