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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Namiki Millennium Double Dragon Limited Edition

Time really fly.

It has been solid twelve years since the dot.com bubble blow up and caused a crisis. The world has changed. The advanced in technology didn't really help us. We are busier now as compare to turn of the millennium. People are getting colder each day and we are, again, going into a another crisis.

Here come the water dragon to ther rescue. Namiki released this Millennium Double Dragon Limited Edition by Kyusai Yoshida back in Y2K.

This pen tell two tales with a traditional oriental design style. The artisan Yoshida-san camouflaged the Namiki ball shaped clip end by painting it to look at the dragon pearl. The 3D dragon pearl was created with a little creativity and without the use of modern technology.
On the pen cap, Yoshida-san painted tales behind the Chinese Idioms Xiao Shi riding the dragon (成语故事:龙凤呈祥和乘龙快婿)

According to legend, during the apring and autumn Warring states period (春秋时, 777- 476 B.C.), Nongyu (弄玉) the youngest daughter of Lord Qi Mugong was very fond of playing flute. The princess was superbly on flute.

One night, while the beautiful princess was play her flute, she heard a heavenly sound lingering in harmony with the sounds from her flute.  They met and fall in love with each other. The emperor gave away his princess's hand in marriage to Xiao Shi.

One evening after they had finished playing their flutes, Xiaoshi and his princess decided to live a quiet life at Hua Mountain. One day, Nongyu rode a phoenix and Xiaoshi a golden
dragon and together they rose to the sky.

Later, people called Xiaoshi "dragon riding son-in-law."
The Master artisan Yoshida using togidashi and taka maki-e technique to paint Xiaoshi riding the dragon. The drawing of Xiaoshi is also uses the traditional style, which you can only see them it the Chinese temple.

The dragon horn using gyonashi maki-e technique. This is a technique which irregular flakes of gold to are set individually rather than sprinkled into wet lacquer.

On the pen barrel Design. Master astisan Yoshida illusrate the Chinese tale  of The Child that Meets the Dragon.

According to an old legend, it was say that a child is derived as a gift from the Goddess of Mercy. Women who are not able to conceive a child often pray to Goddess of Mercy to ask for blessing. Till date, woman from different walk of life still pray to Goddess of Mercy to ask to be blessed with a child.
The dragon who symbolizes good fortune, power and nobility. The year 2012 a dragon year and you will see the increase of new born. The Chinese always want a dragon baby. A good example is my good friend Tin who just got baby one year ago and now, he is going to be a father on dragon year as he believe the dragon baby will bring good fortune for the family.
Master astisan Yoshida uses the same maki-e technique uses on the cap to paint the child riding the dragon. When it comes to dragon, it is very important to examine the dragon claws. In a lot of the western brands, they always like to use five claws. But for the Chinese dragon, we must not uses the five dragon as it was forbidden in the past as only the Emporer can uses five claws dragon.

Therefore, it doesn't make sense to draw these dragons in five claws.
Finally, the  Yoshida write the Thousand Happines Double Dragon on the pen cap.
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