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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Laban Dragon 2012 Edition

The Laban Dragon 2012 Edition is the new addition to their thematical edition series. It is so new that you cannot find it on Laban own web site.

There are two dragons on this pen. One on the cap, another on the pen barrel. Both dragon design are almost similiar. Both dragons crueled around the pen and both faced toward the left. In term of design, this is rather disapponting.

If I would to design it, I would have have the both dragon dancing toward a big round pearl, which we could have use mother-of-pearl to create the pearl. This is not an original design as it can be commonly see in Chinese Temple in Far East region.

Unlike other brands, Laban has crafted the dragon to have four claws, not five. We think it perfectly logical as the pen was not created for the Emporer. However, we found one flaw in the dragon on the cap. We think it could be a over look or created intentionally.
The above picture show the dragon on the pen barrel. We are able view the details and count the number of claws of the dragon clearly as they are faned out like a palm tree. By the way, we think it is a urgly design.

If you enlarge the second picture, which is the dragon on the cap, and take a closer look at the leg and claws.

Did you notice the different?
The Laban Dragon 2012 limited edition comes in two favour. The one shown is a 925 sterling silver with rose gold plating. There is another version that is 925 sterling silver with rhodium plating.

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