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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ryan Krusac Studio Beautiful Butterfly Fountain Pen

Ryan Krusac Studio is a one man operation that create beautiful edition pens. All the pens in his studio are design and handmade by him. The best part of Ryans' pens are the materials that he used. Almost of them are good woods and something rare materials.

Now is Chinese Lunar New Year period, hence, I show one of the beautiful butterfly pen design and handmade by Ryan.

This beautiful butterflies and cherry blossoms were all hand drawn by Ryan himself. Then using cutting edge technology and natural shed elk antler as the background, the scrimshaw work was completed.
Ryan added color to give the image dimension.  He hand-painted the image with very subtle yellows and pinks for added dimension.
Both pen cap and barrel have the same design.
Ryan engraved his initials on every pen he made to give personal assurance that he only ship the finest craftsmenship coupled with the finest materials to his customer.
Many thanks to the good people at Fook Hing Trading, we are able to this fine writing instrument to our collection and exceptional writing experience with Ryan Krusac handmade pen.

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