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Friday, September 3, 2010

Sailor Ebony and Iron Woods

Sailor Ebony and Iron woods fountain pen
Finally, we manage to get our hand on the actual pens after waiting for 3 months since we heard about the pens from Ms. Describe back in late May 2010.

The Sailor Ebony woods and Ironwoods, untreated, in it original form.

Both ebony and iron woods are two of the most difficult woods to crave given its hardness. Traditionally, only master craftmans were given the opportunty to crave using these woods.
While the Sailor ebony wood might be the expensive one of the two, it is the ironwood that caught our attention, and is interesting version of the two wood made fountain pens.
The ironwods has interesting and beautiful grain, and varation of color from light to dark brown.
The other reason we like the ironwood because the material itself reminded us of our journey in life - ironwoods itself is full of crack but it is one of the hardest and denest wood in the world.

The materials iteself reminded us of our journey in life. Life is full of up and down. During down time, we need to be strong, and during the up time, we share the joy with others.
The reputation of enbony wood come from it color. It is very black, not other wood can be compare to the darkest of the ebony wood.

The demand for ebony keep increasing because they are use to make a wide varity of items, including luxury funitures and musical instruments.
 As a result of deforesting and unsustainable harvesting, some of the species was considered threatened.

In order to meet the demand, many manufactures and supplier had turn to use ebonized woods. It is an imitation of real ebony which uses inexpensive wood that had been stained black.

One way to identify ebonized woods is by the grain, weight and mottle.
Sailor had done a great done in creating these pens. Unlike the other manufacturer wood pens, the wood grain on the cap follow through the barrel (see picture above), giving it a uniform look. It is likely Sailor made the cap and barrel using same (one) piece of wood.

Both the Sailor Ebony and iron woods are raw. One can feel the woods itself and even smell the wood scents.

The size of these pens are similar to the Sailor Sapporo. Like the Sailor Sapporo, it come with a 14K nib.


  1. This is quite a beautiful thing from Sailor.

  2. Yes, it is. The price is also not too expensive as compare to the other brands.

  3. Where do u get this pen? N how much is it ?

  4. You can get it from the three big local boys. I have a list of Singapore pen shops on my blog which I came across in the past.(http://houseofpens.blogspot.com/2009/11/singapore-pen-tour-2009.html) on my blog.

    We having a fountain pen user meeting coming Sunday. The details is also available on my blog too (http://houseofpens.blogspot.com/2009/11/singapore-pen-tour-2009.html). Please join us.