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Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Pen for Writing Maronthon

Nowadays, there are all kinds of marathon ... Standard Chartered 42km marathon, movie marathan which movie buff watch movie non-stop for 3 days, Ramen marathon which particular are to continously eat Ramen till they give up( the record is 700 bowls), then there is the famous vertical marathon where people will climb up the stairs of Singapore tallest hotel, Swisotel, Canon photo taking marathon, Adidas Sundown marathon which is further divided into 4 categories (UltraMarathon 84.39kim, Marathon 42.195, Woman Marathon 10km, and Team Marathon 4x10km), LionCity Marathon and the list go on and on ... but there is no writing marathon... I would imagine such a marathon will be something like the fountain pen users will use their favored fountain pen to writing beautifully and continuously for 10,000. The first person to complete will be winner, and i dream the prize to be the Dunhill/Namiki King Fisher Limited Edition.

My take for the best fountain pen to be used is such a writing marathon must be ultra light and durable.

We are "almost" in luck!

For those sport men and women pen lovers, Sailor released a pen just about right for you to join the marathon ... Introducing the one and only in the world "Cabonfine". It is make from a "Carbon fiber", and it is lightweight and extremely strong. A joint development between Sailor Co. Japan and Yonex Japan.

Yonex Co. Ltd is well known for using high technology "carbon fiber" for their badminton and tennis racquets, as well as golf clubs.

The result of this joint effort is a very special and quality fountain pen made using Yonex high technology "cabon fiber". A pen with durable pen cap, barrel and excellent nib.

Earlier we mentioned we are "almost" in luck, because Sailor has no plan to sell the pen outside Japan. We hope our local retailors will bring it here for our foutain pen users, just like they did it for the Sailor Professional Gear Slim Hello Kitty Special Edition.

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