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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Faber Castell Elemento Olive Wood

Year 2011, Graf Von Faber Castell celebrate its 250th anniversary. Beside the Pen of The Year 2011, they released The Elemento in Olive Wood as a Limited Edition to mark this event too.

The Elemento collection comprises of a propelling pencil and ball pen, roller-ball and fountain pen. We will only show the Elemento fountain pen.

There is nothing special done on the pen cap, except you will be able to find a olive wood at the end of the cap.

Each barrel is made of cross-grained olive wood, constructed with an innovative technique that enables the grain of the wood to be displayed in a way previously unknown. The display of the wood is very different from the Omas Arte Italiana Olive Wood.

Faber castell uses six individual cross-grained olive wood fitted side by side into the barrel, which are varnished and hand-polished several times.

The result is fantastic. It bring out the extraordinary color of the olive wood. Some in reddish brown, some in honey gold or even salmon pink.

The two tone 18k nib is not decorated.

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