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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pelikan Special Edition Souveran M600 Green O' Green

Pelikan released a M800 Special Edition Blue-O-Blue last year. One year later, they released a M600 Special Edition Green-O-Green.

The O in both Special Edition mean the same thing. The o' is short for 'Over', which represent the material design looks. It look like several broad strokes of green (not blue) in different shades are put one over another.

Both Pelikan Special Edition Blue-O-Blue and Green-O-Green uses the same technique and is available for sales at our Marketplace.
Both barrel and cap are made of this slightly translucent material.
It is very beautiful very view under light.
While the idea is not fresh, the design is well executed. We think this pen is capture the heart of those Pelikan fan who feel the M800 is one size too big.
Hmmmm... M800 Blue'O'Blue, M600 Green'O'Green....

Do you think Pelikan will release Special Edition Souveran M400 Red' O' Red?

The Peilikan M600 Green-O-Green is for sales locally as well as at our Marketplace.

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  1. I don't know about the blue-o-blue. But this green-o-green looks like jade. Very nice.