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Friday, September 30, 2011

Mont Blanc Tribute to the Mont Blanc Special Edition

Mont Blanc introduced a snowy white collection to pay tribute to Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe. It highest peaking is 4,810 metres, and straddling the French and Italian border.

Mont Blanc adopted the six glaciers and the peak of the iconic mountain as the brand’s emblem.

For those of us who does not have the chance to visit this iconic mountain, Mont Blanc setup a very cool web site which give us a mountain view to celebrate this Tribute to Mont Blanc Speical Edition.

Hmmm... Paying tribute iconic mountain sound like paying tribute to its own archivement.

This snowy white special edition really stand out among the black. We personally like this collection, but we have one worry about using it as a daily pen.
It is an excellent idea that Mont Blanc "print" or silk screen (I think) the silhouette of the iconic mountain on the section.
The section is the part where we hold the pen when we write. As a daily pen, we wonder if the beautiful silhouette of Mont Blanc will come off due long hour of writing.
Other than the concern mentioned above, this pen is indeed a beautiful pen and worth considering.
This Tribute to Mont Blanc Special Edition comes in ballpoint, roller ball and fountain pen. It also comes with a series of leather goods in white color.


  1. Boss,

    It's the size of a 145 (I.e. Converter) and not a 146 piston right?

    Looks pretty though :)
    Thanks for sharing