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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rumours, Rumours ... Omas Arte Italiana Olive Tree Wood Pen

Not too long ago, we blogged about the OMAS Arte Italiana Olive wood pen.

Recently, we heard rumours that Omas is planning to stop the production of this well crafted olive tree wood pen.

This pen was not a very old model, and it was introduce to replace the Omas Snake wood pen.
Well, there was no officiaul announment from Omas that they will discon the model. The rumour was the number of reject was higher than the number of quality output. Hence, they will had to "temporary suspend" the production.
We checked with the local AD, and feedback they are waiting for official words from OMAS. They have not received any new Olive wood for awhile nows.

Beside the Waterman Cocobolo wood pen, this is my next favour pen. It is well balance, good ink flow and write smoothly.

Pen Details:
Materials: Olive Tree Wood, Platinum plated sterling silver finishings.
Filling system: Piston filled ,
Nib: 18K gold HT nib.
Nib size: EF, F, M, B

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