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Monday, September 26, 2011

Sailor Classic Kyo Maki-e Kimono Bijin (Lady in Kimono)

The maki-e technique is thousand years old Japanese traditional decorative technique. It has developed into many maki-e techniques, Kyo maki-e techniques is one of them. Since Heian period, Kyo maki-e decorative art can be seen at the musical instruments at the Emperors palace, at ancient temples as well various Japanese lacquer ware products.
Using the Kyo maki-e technique, Sailor Japan and Kosen Oshita launched five Classic 1911 fountain pens. The Kimono Bijin (Beautiful Lady in Kimono) is one of the them.

Using Hira MAKI-E technique, Kosen Oshita painted a lady in red kimono on the pen barrel.
On the cap, Oshita-san artisan painted a golden pagoda.
And a few sakaura flowing in the air and river.
Each pen is signed by the artian.
It comes complete with a Sailor 21K gold nib, but in only comes in Medium nib.

Pen Details:
Model name: Kimono-Bijin (Lady in Kmono)
Materials: Resin Large size 1911
Special features: Hira MAKI-E art Resin Fountain Pen by Kosen Oshita
Filling system: Converter & Cartridge type
Nib selection: M, 21K Gold

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