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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Online Desk Pen Case

Now we have another option for our desk pen case - the Online Germany desk pen case is now available locally at Fook Hing Trading. It is able to hold 10+3 pens.
The top of the pen case is designed to be a tray to hold 3 pens/pencil and eraser or small accessories on it.
When you slide opened, the lower tray can hold up to 10 pens. However, it can only store standard size pens. It will not take any size like Pelikan M800 or Namiki Yukari Royale or bigger pens.
The pen case open is attached to the case so it will not fall off. You slide forward or backward the case to open the case. There are no locking system. Therefore, it cannot be use to transport any pen, but a truely desk pen case.
It only comes in black and gloss finishing and it is not heavy.

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