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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Santos De Cartier Letter Opener

In the early day, the wristwatches were worn by woman as jewellery accessories. The men uses pocket watches. It was Santos Dumont who made popular the wrist watch among men.

Cartier made this propeller shaped letter opener to give homage to Santos-Dumont, the first performance pilot to wear a wristwatch. And ff course, it is a Cartier stainless steel case with 18k gold.

Every details of a propeller is follows, it even has a screw motif.
The Cartier Santos letter opener is 210mm in length and 120mm in width.
The plate is palladium finished.
The golden visible session are gold plated finishing.

While the design is borrow from the others. It is a pure classic and timeless beauty.

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