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Friday, August 26, 2011

S.T. Dupont Chinese Lacquer


About two weekend back, I met a friend at China Square flea market. While browing at the flea market, I found a S.T. Dupont chinese lacquer gold dust roller ball shown here.

I examined the pen for a very long time. The rollerball pen tip is too far out and look funny. Initially, I was under the impression that it uses the wrong refill. I was wrong, it uses the S.T. Dupont refill.

Next, I examine the engraving of the wording. It look right, however, I feel the 'S' look to cursive.
I still don't want to give it up. Hence, I examine the cap. It fixed nicely with the pen. The cap fixed firmly to the pen barrel.
The clip look right, except the the clip top is a bit too far out. If you don't closer, it will not notice.
Front view good look. The pen clip look right.
It even has serial number.
The serial number is engraved at the correct position. The serial number is 5A2DZ243.
After examining the pen for 30 minutes, I asked the seller if this is a fake. And the seller replied with a firm 'N0'.
I believe that seller will not cheap me for such a small amount of cash, I decided to buy it and send to the S.T. Dupont agent for validation.
Three days later, the S.T. Dupont called me and tell me it is a fake pen. All the sign is mentioned above. The agent also feedback gold dust is to uniform to be a Dupont, and the screw used is not correct. (Hmmm... what screw is the S.T. Dupont technician talking about?)

While I managed to have my refund, the pen is still floating away locally.

Dear friends and visitors, the next time you visit a flea marker. Be extra careful and not end up buying fake products thinking it is 'the real thing'.

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