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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Namiki Limited Edition 2011 The Golden Rose

Namiki go back to contemporary theme for the 2011 Limited Edition, The Golden Rose.

Artisan Yutaka Sato san uses a combination of Togidashi-Taka (Burnished-Raised) Maki-e technique with Raden (Mother-of-Pearl) technique to crafted the Namiki Golden Rose. This is Sato-san first Namiki Limited Edition.

The rose flower is painted using the Taka maki-e and the leaves uses the Warigai (Cracked Shell Inlaid) technique with Aogai (blue shell) to create the necessary depth and contrast giving the necessary dimension to bring the roses alive.

The entire pen is in gold color and decorated with gold powder. You cannot see a spot of black.

This pen is presented in a Inden pouch within a leather-bound gift box with an embossed rose design on the lid. Inden is a Japanese traditional technique to draw a Urushi lacquer pattern onto the deer hide. We have not see the actual Inden pouch but we assume it similar to the one used by Sailor, but it may come in different design.

We don't really appreciate the use of leather in maki-e, but in this case (maybe) it go went with the contemporary theme.

This Yukari Royale size Golden Rose limited edition pen comes in 18K gold nib and a special golden rose ink bottle

It is limited to 150 pieces worldwide, and schedule to be available in November 2011.


  1. Btw, what is Yutaka Sato's name in chinese character?

  2. I never seen this artist's work before. Is he new? What other pens are painted by him?

  3. I believe he pained a few of the Namiki Zodiac second series.